Empower digital trust

See how we create trust and enable Enterprise integration
across Supply Chains
with blockchain solutions

Connect, trust and collaborate seamlessly.
With blockchains

At Surge, we empower trust across enterprise supply chains with blockchain and advanced solutions to enable seamless collaboration across companies and ERPs

In the same way the Internet gave birth to e-commerce, blockchain provides the foundation for collaboration across enterprises to create innovative and more transparent processes. We build the solutions to realize this vision.

Our solutions close gaps between companies and blockchains making it possible to collaborate in a world where the lack of standards and knowledge combined with backend system complexities represent an hard challenge for innovators

We enable new business models in different industries with solutions for more effective supply chains 


Connect your company to blockchains with
 our exclusive solutions to manage integration,
standards and communication


Our integrated modules are flexible, simplify interconnection with blockchains, manage standards and communication across Supply Chains

Seamlessly integrate manual and machine processes with blockchains with Front our Enterprise communication gateway.

Manage standards and align business vocabulary across multiple parties thanks to a shared business repository

Manage communication and technical updates across several companies thanks to our communication engine


our services

Our professional services will assist you from the inception to the production support of your blockchain initiative


Envision new business models across Supply Chains with support from experts


We design processes, collaboration workflows, data models and UI/UX in blockchain environments


Development of smart contracts, securities, messages, workflows and integration with ERPs


Maintenance and system operations of blockchain solutions. Make sure that what you build will run as smoothly as your Supply Chain